July 16, 2015

Amazon / Nordstrom / You

I cannot tell you how many times I've heard many of you utter this sentence:

  • "July is in the dead of summer. We cannot sell anything in July."
On Wednesday, Amazon increased sales by 266% (i.e. 3.66x) with a one-day promotion.

On Friday, Nordstrom begins their Anniversary Sale. They'll sell as much as they sell at Christmas.

It has become obvious that we aren't even trying to sell anything in July.

Instead of focusing on Omnichannel, why not focus on giving the customer a compelling reason to buy something?

In other words, what is lacking is not a seamless customer shopping experience across channels ... that doesn't work. What is lacking is marketing creativity. We need marketers who love merchandise so much that marketers cannot help but come up with creative ways to sell the merchandise.

We're the problem.

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