February 15, 2015

Employees - An Important Part Of Your Omnichannel Strategy, Right?

47% of retail employees do not get paid sick time (click here).

The omnichannel community convinces you, the business executive, to spend tens of thousands of dollars on consulting projects. Those projects lead to millions of dollars, sometimes tens of millions of dollars, on systems that enable your digital strategies to be realized.

And then, once you've spent all that time and effort and money building your omnichannel vision ... you make sure that the last step of the process, your in-store employees, are well taken care of, right? RIGHT?

Or do you pay folks $10 an hour, and if the employee is sick, well, God help 'em?

I know ... if you're Macy's, you probably spend north of five billion dollars on employee salaries, annually (median employee salary is about $30,000), so that's not a trivial amount of money by any means.

Might there be a way for employees to share in your omnichannel success? At $10/hour, you're telling them that they don't matter.

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