January 04, 2015

Case Study: Hippoman's Big And Tall

This is Harold Hippoman, Owner and President of Hippoman's Big And Tall.

His business is in big, big, big trouble, and he doesn't know why.

Like many businesses, he's done what he was told to do. He expanded into online channels. He "competed" by offering free shipping ... and now offers free shipping on about a quarter (or more) of his orders. He has tried to take advantage of the "Christmas Bump", as he calls it, moving marketing spend late into fourth quarter. He expanded into Amazon. He's lowered prices. He has increased prices. He has hired and fired people.

It's my job to dig into his customer file, and figure out what is going on with his business.

Tomorrow, we'll look at the profit and loss statement for this business, over the past few years. This will introduce us to the troubles experienced at Hippoman's.

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