August 28, 2014

Think About The Future

Take a look at this, folks (if the image doesn't render in your email client or RSS reader, then click here).

This is one of those metrics that is likely close to accurate, and of virtually no meaning to any business. Visits do not equal transactions. And data skews wildly by demographic cohort.

I have clients that generate 15% of their volume by sending a check in an envelope. For these folks, mobile is < 10% of all traffic.

I have clients where mobile represents 20% of e-commerce transactions ... heavily (HEAVILY) skewed to tablets (that's not mobile, and you know that's not mobile).

I have clients where true mobile (phones) represents 15% of e-commerce transactions. When you see transactions, yes, transactions, happening on phones, then you've got something special going on. And your customer is young.

Our worldview is biased by the customers we attract. Think about Forrester Research, for example. They tell you that you must navigate the "mobile mindshift". But then you visit their website, and you see the desktop version of the site emulate on the phone ... and you read their SEC filings and you learn that they generate business via direct mail ... DIRECT MAIL folks! Well, think about it! How old is the average Executive leveraging Forrester data? Older than 29, right? So Forrester is 100% right to target their customers using the techniques that cause their customers to respond ... even if they offer advice that is 100% contrary to how they choose to market to customers.

Be wary of global metrics about "the customer". "Your customer" is not "the customer". Your customer behaves different than the average.

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