May 05, 2014

Golf: Judy, Jennifer, and Jasmine

Maybe you read this article last month (click here).

This is golf's version of "omnichannel". In fact, "omnichannel" is code for "appealing to all generations". That's the truth, isn't it? Omnichannel is not all about introducing 57 channels to a customer. It's about appealing to customers who span 57 years of age difference.

Most specifically, omnichannel is a response to a retail environment that has been controlled by the Baby Boomer generation for the past twenty-five to thirty years. All of a sudden, those Millenials are out and about, using mobile devices, choosing to not shop at Coldwater Creek or Brookstone or Borders. Maybe, if we make it easier to shop (like a fifteen inch hole in golf), young Jasmine (or Jadyn) will like Sears.

We're just trying to stop this from happening (see below):

We're really asking a unique proposition here, aren't we? A generation of customers who hastened the demise of Montgomery Wards, Gimbels and Mervyns are asking a new generation to give Sears, Ann Taylor, and Macy's a try.

Will it work? Who knows?! If there's one thing we do know, it is that you have to have an in-store experience that resonates with Jasmine and Jadyn. We have to learn how to entertain the customer - because the lowest price is always two seconds away on a mobile device.

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