April 07, 2014

Selling Your Catalog Business?

Many of you hired me to execute a Contact Strategy project (click here for the booklet on Amazon).

But increasingly, the Contact Strategy project is used as a tool for helping a seller, or to help a potential buyer understand the profit potential of an acquisition target.

Well, there's no need to go through a full Contact Strategy project, if the goal is to understand the profit potential of a modified catalog contact strategy.

Click here for project pricing - notice the new Catalog Seller / Private Equity Evaluation row ... this is the cost for subsequent projects, should you be looking to sell / buy a catalog / e-commerce / retail business and want to understand the profit opportunity available by changing the company catalog contact strategy.

Also notice how inexpensive it is to conduct a Merchandise Forensics project (click here for the text from Amazon). I'm working on a Merchandise Forensics project as we speak - it's the most popular project in my seven years of consulting.

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