April 16, 2014

Bed, Bath, and Beyond

I needed garbage bags ... not your ordinary garbage bags, but Simple Human garbage bags, size J.

Look at the omnichannel magic pasted all over this image. Store integration, sign up for offers, like it on Facebook. I could share the product on Twitter or Pinterest. That's a lot of social / mobile / e-commerce / in-store omnichannel goodness.

Look at the price:  $15.99. And if I only buy this item, I have to pay $5.99 standard shipping, $18.99 express shipping, or I have to spend one to two hours to drive to a store and buy the item ... my choice. Omnichannel!

Let's go do a search on Amazon - same item.

Are you kidding me? $13.99 - or, if I want to get put on a "subscription", I can get the item for $13.27. And I get free two day shipping via Amazon Prime.

Tell me how turning Bed, Bath and Beyond into a digital distribution center helps Bed, Bath and Beyond when I can get the same item, 13% cheaper and delivered faster and potentially more inexpensively via Amazon?

Describe the compelling reason why I should buy this item and pay a $2 premium at Bed, Bath, and Beyond? What are the #omnichannel reasons that trump price.

Leave a comment, and share your thoughts with us. Why would you elect to not buy this item on Amazon? Outline, specifically, the omnichannel advantage Bed, Bath and Beyond has over Amazon.


  1. Only thing I can think of is I really need those bin bags today, and store pickup is my best option, I'm 90% confident it will be there, because i've checked their website. And perhaps i'll browse when I get there? However i'm sure Amazon flying drones will cover me for same day delivery soon as well.

  2. Kevin, don't 'discount' the power of Bed & Bath's 20% Off coupons they send to your house and inboxes. Retail price at Bed Bath is lower for the bags when you include the 20% discount, but all in you'll pay more with the $5.99 shipping.

    1. So now you've raised a series of questions.

      1 - They'll offer a discount? Why do I have to sign up to get the discount?

      2 - How many new customers do you lose, customers who do not want to sign up for email discounts?

      3 - Why create a caste system where email subscribers get deals, but all other customers, loyal or not, pay an inflated price?

      4 - How do you measure the effectiveness of email marketing? In other words, how do you separate the effectiveness of email marketing from the effectiveness of driving a customer to lower prices?

      5 - How does the customer ever know if the customer is getting the "best" deal?


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