March 09, 2014


Fun fun fun, folks - I will be at NEMOA on Thursday!

The first eight companies to meet with me on Thursday get an autographed copy of my Hillstrom's Merchandise Forensics booklet (I know, I know, pinch yourself)!

Just as important - I will be handing out "Hillstrom's Hot Sheet" --- a one-page summary of all the important issues in modern cataloging. It's your guide to the "omnichannel circus", and the data is actually backed by findings from more than 110 client projects spanning multiple industries on a global level.

We can talk about your current project, or an upcoming project you wish to work on. Right now, the three most popular projects are, of course:
  • Hillstrom's Contact Strategy (click here) - assigning the right number of catalogs and emails at a customer level, given your existing paid search investment strategy.
  • Hillstrom's Merchandise Forensics (click here) - where 80% of the 25 projects I've worked on in the past 18 months highlight serious new product or existing product issues that are dragging the business down. Merchandise - not #omnichannel, is the primary driver of cataloging success.
  • Attribution and Clario Contact Evaluation - in the past year, I've been called upon numerous times to thoroughly explain to Clario's clients how Clario actually mails housefile buyers. I use proprietary reporting and modeling to uncover the myriad ways that Clario makes mailing decisions, and I incorporate my attribution routines to determine optimal strategies.
So contact me immediately (, and secure your autographed copy of "Hillstrom's Merchandise Forensics".  See you Thursday!

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