February 13, 2014

Stitch Fix

I know, the USPS is going to make life hard for you in the future. And I know, you put all your chips in the co-op basket, and now you don't like it that your co-op segment productivity is down 11% vs. last year and nobody in the co-op profession can explain to you why that is happening.

Maybe it is time to experiment with different concepts? I'm not saying you throw away what you are doing - but might it be time to experiment?

Today, I'm sharing Stitch Fix with you (click here to visit their website).

You fill out a brief survey.

Stitch Fix gives you five hand-picked items.

You keep what you want, send back the rest.

I'm continually amazed at how catalogers eschew the old-school "continuity program" business model. Granted, these startups (who aren't using catalogs, by the way) may fail, but at least they'll go down swinging while applying a new twist on the old-school continuity strategy.

We can keep whining about where the catalog business model is headed.

Or we can get busy inventing the future.

Do we have the courage to get busy inventing the future?


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