December 12, 2013

Canada Post - What It Means To You

Canada Post is struggling (click here). Heck, they're going to stop delivering to homes (click here).

I drove to my local post office yesterday. Outside the front door were four individuals, probably in their 60s or 70s, either waiting in line, or having survived a long wait to send gifts to family members and friends. June and Judy. No smart phones in hand.

We simply cannot ask Jasmine to continue Judy's traditions. Not when Jasmine has every piece of information ever created, digitized, in her hand, available at 20mbps for between two and three dollars a day.

Remember - catalogs have been scaled back, 45% in the past six years (click here).

A combination of demographics and technology are transforming our industry. Canada Post prepares us for the realization that, in the United States, we, too, may not have an affordable delivery mechanism for catalogs in the mid-term.

It's time to prepare for what I call "Catalog 2020" - a business plan that leads us to a viable future - one that caters to a 67 year old customer in 2020 - or one that caters to Jennifer / Jasmine. 

We're going to have to make a choice. 

We'll need to make this choice before Canada Post or USPS make it for us.

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