December 11, 2013

Attribution: What Happens If You Terminate Your Email Marketing Program?

Too often, I sit in meetings where business leaders ask very simple questions of the marketing team.

And too often, the marketing team cannot answer simple questions.

Here's our business from yesterday. Let's pretend that the Executive Team is not "giving the love" to the email marketing team. Yup, happens all the time.

What we don't ever get to see is what happens when email marketing is stopped.

Yes, stopped.

I zero out the email marketing line, for each of the next five years, in my Attribution Simulation. Here's the outcome, and it isn't pretty, folks.

Oh. My. Goodness.

The Attribution Simulation shows us that email costs us +/- ten million dollars in the first year.

However, by not offering email marketing, we do not reactivate or activate as many customers. We cut back on new customers. The result is a long-term death spiral - the business is down to $58 million in year five, instead of $81 million.

In other words, email marketing has a $10 million dollar short-term impact, and a compounding impact over the next five years of up to $13 million additional volume.

And take a look at profitability - it's virtually gone from this business, isn't it?

Now, if you are the email marketing Director, wouldn't you like to have this Attribution Simulation in your back pocket? Heck, over time, you're responsible for almost all of the profit generated by this business.

This is the power of the Attribution Simulation.

Contact me ( for your own Attribution Simulation.

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