October 27, 2013

Dear B2B Catalog CEOs: Mail More - Yes, Mail More

Dear B2B Catalog CEOs:

There's a misconception out there among vendors who you work with. They will tell you that I want companies to mail fewer catalogs. Vendors say this, of course, because they want you to work with them, having you mail much more often.

I don't care if you mail more often, or if you mail less often. I care that you DO THE RIGHT THING FOR YOUR BUSINESS, DOING SOMETHING THAT MAXIMIZES PROFIT.

In 2/3 of the Catalog PhD projects I work on in the B2B world, the end result is a recommendation to MAIL MUCH DEEPER, AND MORE OFTEN.

Your vendor partners don't tell you that, do they?

Give the booklet a read - and when you are ready to consider changing your contact strategy, give me a holler (click here to purchase on Amazon).

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