October 29, 2013

14 Shocking Images That Breakthrough Omnichannel And Social Strategies Cannot Fix

Yes, that's a headline test - I am measuring how use of the word "shocking" impacts readership. This is the only time I'll ever use silly headlines to capture eyeballs - I just want to see what I'm missing. Thanks for helping! The title will make more sense in a moment or two.

And if you like headlines - read this (click here).

But there truly is meaty content for you to digest today.

You probably had the chance to read through this little ditty about Sears ... go ahead, take a peek, I'll wait for you (click here). These are the images mentioned in the subject line test. This is an important read.

And you probably read this little ditty about the potential spinoff of Lands' End, a company near and dear to my heart (click here).

Now peruse this one, about race and retail (click here).

Finally, Google, of course, removed all your organic search keywords (click here), and people are upset. Turns out that maybe we shouldn't have been building businesses from the free digital exhaust of an algorithmic giant. By the way, how many of you believe you lost any business at all with the disappearance of organic keywords? Discuss. You don't hear many folks telling horror stories - if you have one, use the comments section.

A decade of absolute unfettered nonsense caused businesses to fall into a series of camps.
  1. Merchandise + Presentation + Service + Fair Pricing.
  2. Pseudo-Strategy, Including Omichannel, Social, Engagement, Big Data, Optimization, Relevancy, SEO, Attribution, and Minimizing E-Mail Opt-Outs. I know, I just offended nearly all of you. I'm not saying these things don't work, they do. But they aren't strategies, they are tactics. And tactics pale in comparison to Merchandise + Presentation + Service + Fair Pricing.
  3. Begging, including all discounts and promotions.
The articles illustrate just how far we've moved away from (1) above. Financial management of businesses, pseudo-strategy, and 30% off the first item and 15% off the second item plus free shipping on all orders and free expedited shipping on orders of $100+ are magic - they have nothing to do with Merchandise + Presentation + Service + Fair Pricing.

Be honest - how much time do you spend focusing on Merchandise + Presentation + Service + Fair Pricing in your current job? Now, how much time you do spend focusing on magic?

What would it take to re-establish the focus on these aspects of strategy, boring aspects no doubt, but the real reasons customers buy stuff from us?

Use the comments section to discuss. Go!!

P.S.: The title of this blog falls squarely in pseudo-strategy, doesn't it? We're optimizing engagement. And you sure get clicks. But you don't move the sales needle. And the sales needle is what matters, right?

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