July 09, 2013

25 Years

There should be some kind of award for being gainfully employed for the past twenty five years.

But there isn't.  Instead, you get to read another in a long line of blog posts.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a BS in Statistics, I started my first day of work at the Garst Seed Company, in Slater, Iowa, on July 15, 1988.  Next week, it's the twenty-five year anniversary of the magical moment when I put down the Des Moines Register, entered the corporate campus of the Garst Seed Company, and emerged nine hours later with a 1,200 page SAS manual in hand.

In the next seven weeks, we'll explore marketing and analytical topics from 1988 to 2013.  All examples will be tied to current issues, so no need to fret about blog posts focusing on the best ways to avoid SB37 errors in JCL code on a mainframe computer.


Advertising is largely a rental platform ... you rent space or paper or a click, and it's your job to demonstrate that you made a goo...