May 19, 2013

Dear Catalog CEOs: A Five Tool Player

Dear Catalog CEOs:

In baseball, there is a player called a "5 Tool Player":

  • Hits for average.
  • Hits for power.
  • Runs the bases well.
  • Throws.
  • Fields.
Obviously, these players are hard to find.  Terribly hard to find.  I possessed exactly zero of the skills when I played baseball in high school.

What are the five tools that yield an outstanding business executive, a person who could run your company and chart a viable course into the future?

How many employees in your current pipeline have all five tools?  How many could replace you?  After all, it's your job to make sure that there are a ton of five tool business leaders in your organization, correct?

We keep outsourcing tools, don't we?

And in the process, we're struggling to develop talent.  Something needs to change.  You can make these changes.

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  1. After watching Moneyball (for the 5th time) and diving in the book, I got to thinking, "Why not distill these 5 tools into one metric that that really matters?" Sticking with the baseball analogy, On Base Percentage.

    So, what would that metric be for executives, or for any worker? How about profit per employee?

    BTW, you might consider using a less obtrusive spam filter, one that doesn't rely on capchas. I use Akismet and it's very effective. You might even get more comments that way.


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