May 30, 2013

Budget Shortfall? Want To Work Together On A Project? Try This!

Sometimes, I'll hear a comment like "Why won't you discount your products like other vendors ... everybody loves a deal?"

I do the exact opposite.  As a product is being fleshed out, I offer the opportunity to purchase project work at a significantly lower price.  Once every methodology has been verified, programmed, and plugged into my routine, the cost goes up, and for good reason.

That's the case with Merchandise Forensics!

Pretend you're an $80,000,000 business.  Where else in the vendor community are you going to get a Merchandise Forensics project completed for $11,000?  Be honest!

On January 1, 2014, prices will increase ... significantly ... by between 50% and 100%.

So get your Merchandise Forensics project done NOW, while the cost is so inexpensive.  

Contact me (click here) for details.  Or click here for a brief outline (you'll get far more than this, FYI).

Most of the last ten Merchandise Forensics analyses indicate that the vast majority of sales shortfalls have to do with merchandising problems - usually, there is a problem with generating enough "winning" products, a problem with generating enough "new/winning" products, a key category that acts as a halo for the brand that is in decline, or all three!  I can illustrate what impact this has on your business.  Act now!

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