April 01, 2013

Important Project Links

I get a lot of requests for links to the project work I provide for clients.  Let's get you those links, right here, right now!  Click on the link next to each bullet point.

Recent Projects:
  • Private Equity business evaluation.
  • Optimal price point analysis.
  • Seasonal customer buying behavior analysis.
  • Optimal targeted catalog assortment analysis.
  • Merchandise Forensics (multiple projects).
  • Catalog PhD (multiple, multiple projects).
  • Catalog Startup - merchandising and contact strategy development.
  • Online Startup - customer behavior evaluation and future sales potential via five-year forecast.
  • Advisory Board (I am accepting, on a limited basis, Board of Directors opportunities).
  • Marketing Attribution across All Marketing Channels.
  • New Store forecast model by Geography.
  • B2B optimal housefile and acquisition contact strategy.
  • Judy / Jennifer / Jasmine customer analysis and five year demand forecast.
Once I get into mid-April, projects really ramp up, through Labor Day.  Please get in the queue now, don't wait until your competitors snatch all of the project bandwidth from you!

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