November 26, 2012

Email Marketing, Judy, and Sale Events

Remember Judy?

On average, she is between 51 and 67 years old.  She is, literally, a catalog marketing professional, having spent the past 30 years purchasing via paper.

When I analyze Judy, I notice that she likes consistency.

  1. She likes "winners", products that have always performed well, products she knows and trusts.
  2. She likes sale events.  Whereas some customers respond to personalized promotions, Judy seems to trust the fact that you always have a sale event from January 3 - January 10, and that you offer her 20% off during that promotion.  In this way, Judy can plan her life, she can prepare for this event.
When you code personas (like Judy, Jennifer, and Jasmine), pay close attention to the merchandise each persona purchases.

Then, within your email marketing campaigns, you can have various events, but you feature winning product for customers in Judy's persona.  You're likely to experience increases in opens/clicks/conversions if you do this!

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