September 10, 2012

Mobile: You'll Be Dead If You're Not Mobile. Or Not

On page two of this article (click here), we learn that HauteLook generates anywhere between 25% and 40% of visits from mobile devices, catering to a 30 year old customer.

And then we have the typical catalog brand, generating between 1% and 5% of visits from mobile devices, catering to a 59 year old customer.

It's becoming quite obvious, now.  Yes, a 59 year old customer will buy off of an Android device, and yes, a 27 year old will shop a catalog.

But by and large, there are significant generational differences, differences that are exaggerating as time goes by.

In the old CRM days, pundits suggested you hire managers to manage different customer segments.

Today, it makes a lot of sense to hire managers who are responsible for Judy, Jennifer, and Jasmine, crafting marketing strategies unique to each persona.  If your customer is Jasmine, and you're not folding mobile/social into the mix, yes, you'll struggle with this customer.  If your customer is Judy, and you're not folding mobile/social into the mix, well, Judy may never notice the difference.


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