May 28, 2012

Summer Schedule

Each year, we go through the same process, don't we?

We start the year with a topic, a theme, something that carries us through the Spring.  Some of you find the topic interesting, and hire me.  Others find the topic interesting, and implement the ideas. Still others find the topic of interest, and continue to subscribe.  Finally, there are those who don't like the topic, and unsubscribe, citing "too many updates"!

Then we get to Memorial Day.

From late May to early September, attention is diverted.  Some might think content is to blame, but I beg to differ.  No, I think our attention span dwindles, in part, because of the weather.

For the seventh consecutive year, you'll be part of a time-honored tradition, called "a decrease in content frequency". 

Starting next week, posts will be published for public consumption on Monday morning, Tuesday morning, and Thursday morning.  As always, when topics dictate, supplemental posts will be published.

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