April 16, 2012


In Hillstrom's Personas, we talk a lot about Judy, Jennifer, and Jasmine, right?
Well, each persona is aligned with various business models.

Give Sevenly.org a visit ... go ahead, I'll wait while you take a look at the website.

Justin Palmer mentioned on Twitter that 70% of new customers are sourced from Facebook.  Justin is the Marketing Director at Sevenly, so he is probably a reliable source for this metric.  He also tweeted the following sentence to me ... "Facebook can be used to drive sales, most brands just don't know how."

Now, pretend that you are Chicos.  Take a look at their online demographic profile (click here).  Does anybody honestly believe that Chicos could drive even one or two percent of total online sales via Facebook?  Why would a 61 year old woman go to Facebook first, then make a decision to purchase something online at Chicos?

Judy is not going to buy something because of Facebook.

Jennifer is going to hunt for the best products and the best prices and the best promotions.  If Facebook is part of that equation, she'll use it.  If Facebook is not part of that equation, Jennifer will still accomplish her mission, she won't be stopped.

Jasmine fully expects social and mobile to be built into her experience.  If you target Jasmine, it should not be a surprise that 70% of new customers come in via Facebook.

Marketing channels are not the issue, the issue is the target customer.  If you target Judy, don't expect Facebook to make a dent.  If you target Jasmine, don't expect old-school methods to work as well as they work when marketing to Judy.

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