April 23, 2012

Hillstrom's Personas + Hillstrom's Catalog Marketing PhD

Well, the most popular project request right now is a combination of both booklets.

In Hillstrom's Personas, we tackle the task of determining the target audience for catalogs and email marketing campaigns.
Do you remember when I used to talk about "the organic percentage", the percentage of demand that is generated independent of catalog marketing?  Well, that research from 2009 - 2011 became the basis for Judy, Jennifer, and Jasmine, the three ladies we've been talking about for the past three months.

Many CEOs/EVPs are now asking to combine the concepts in Hillstrom's Personas and Hillstrom's Catalog Marketing PhD (Print for $7.95, Kindle for $2.99).

Good idea!

Remember, in our Catalog Marketing PhD framework, customers are evaluated as follows:

  • Likelihood of Buying, Next 12 Months.
  • Amount Spent, Next 12 Months.
  • % of Total Demand Catalog Driven, Next 12 Months.
By multiplying each of the three metrics above, we arrive at the amount of demand, annually, that is driven by catalog marketing.  Then we run a profit and loss statement at each level of catalog marketing investment, grading customers as follows:
  • A = Mail MORE Often!
  • B = Mail 7 to maximum number of in-home dates, per year.
  • C = Mail 3-7 times per year, on average.
  • D = Mail 1-3 times per year.
  • F = Mail 0-1 times per year.
Many of my larger clients ask me to predict the actual number of catalogs to mail to each individual customer ... and to predict the actual number of email campaigns to deliver to a customer, on an annual basis.  We get some very interesting results when we do this!

The result of these projects is about $1,000,000 of annual profit for a $100,000,000 catalog business ... maybe $500,000 of annual profit for a $50,000,000 catalog business.

Sound good?  Sure it does!

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