April 03, 2012

Email Marketing: Jennifer

Hint:  Jennifer likes email marketing.

Well, she likes the discounts and promotions in email marketing campaigns!

Remember, Jennifer is all about using online marketing channels to find the best deal possible for the merchandise she wants to purchase.

The majority of best practices in email marketing are designed to speak directly to Jennifer.

Jennifer actually clicks through email campaigns and purchases ... this is one of the signs that the customer is Jennifer.  Judy subscribes to email campaigns to learn, Jennifer subscribes, clicks through, and purchases.

When segmenting your audience into Judy / Jennifer / Jasmine cohorts, be sure to customize the message based on what each unique cohort wants to accomplish.  Jennifer likes new products, she likes great prices, and she loves %-off and free shipping.


  1. You could send him an email about a promotion you are doing on laptop accesories. He'll probably thank you for it.

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