January 11, 2012

No Better Time For A Catalog PhD Project!

The best selling content of 2010 was "Hillstrom's Catalog Marketing PhD" (Print, and Kindle).

And for good reason!  Since the start of 2010, clients utilizing the concepts in this booklet realized $24,000,000 in annual profit opportunities.

That's a lot of profit.  It's pretty easy to arrive a big profit improvements, too ... many online buyers have no interest in receiving catalogs, they just don't tell you their thoughts.  Let the math represent the voice of your customer.

Many businesses have a Feb - Jan fiscal year.  If you're in this camp, then you are about to receive a new marketing budget for 2011.

Why not contact me (click here) and we'll get you set up with you own Catalog Marketing PhD project for 2011?

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