September 21, 2011

A Month Of Groupon Subject Line Headers

Here's what you see in your inbox, on a daily basis.  Remember, the email vendor community preaches "timely, relevant contacts".
  • 53% Off Massage (that's better than two days ago).
  • 55% Off Car Wash & Detail.
  • Half Off Massage.
  • Up To 60% Off Hair Packages.
  • Up To 68% Off Rock Climbing.
  • Up To 53% Off Corn-Maze Admission.
  • 55% Off Facial.
  • 66% Off Coffee-Preparation Course.
  • Half Off Beads.
  • Up To 54% Off Cooking Class.
  • Half Off Housewares.
  • Up To 79% Off Hot Yoga (good thing I didn't take advantage of the 69% off offer two weeks ago).
  • Up To 55% Off Wood Fired Pizza.
  • 51% Off Bicycle Tune-Up.
  • Up To 71% Off Auto-Detailing.
  • Up To 51% Off Tomato Battle (where you and your friends dodge having the vegetable/fruit thrown at you).
  • Up To 63% Off Handyman Services (Again? It's the old-school catalog remail!)
  • 54% Off Mosaic Art Lessons.
  • Up To 53% Off Auto Detailing.
  • Up To 54% Off Golf.
  • 69% Off Hot Yoga.
  • $10 For Burgers And Milkshakes.
  • Up To 52% Off Segway Tours.
  • 75% Off Furniture.
  • Up To 67% Off Baseball Outing For Two (Minor League).
  • Up To 51% Off To See Blink 182 Perform.
  • 73% Off Oil Change.
  • 52% Off Pilates Reformer Classes.
  • 67% Off Photography Classes.
  • Up To 63% Off Handyman Services.
Question for you, the email marketing expert:
  • How would you attempt to make this more relevant to the end user?  Use the comments section to describe what your strategy would be, and how you would mitigate the revenue you would lose as you become more targeted and relevant.


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