September 13, 2011

The Little Guy

When I started this forum in 2006, my goal was to "take care of the little guy".

You, for instance, are the little guy.

  • You own a catalog business.
  • You are a web analyst.
  • You are a marketing executive.
These days, "the little guy" is being pummeled.  You have to buy paper so far in advance that you cannot react to profitable decisions, or you have to have a 68 page catalog because it is "efficient", discouraging you from innovating with a 36 page catalog.  Your software focuses to you to focus on conversions instead of customer relationships.  Or worse, you're a marketing leader who pays your vendor, then your vendor pays for ad space on a trade journal blog where articles are written that make fun of you for not marketing in a way that enables deep, personal marketing connections with customers ... your dollars are used by others in the ecosystem to mock you.

The little guy, in aggregate, has a lot of power, especially when you spend your money with trusted partners that have your best interests at heart.

It might be time to stand up to forces that are trying to align your money with their interests/survival.  Without your money, they have nothing, and are ultimately silenced.

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