September 14, 2011

Five Questions To Ask The Experts At NEMOA

You'll probably attend NEMOA's fall conference next week.  We should be thankful for NEMOA, quite honestly, because they didn't abandon the catalog industry, did they?

When you're meeting with experts at NEMOA, here are five questions to ask them.
  1. If the average organic percentage for a cataloger with a 55+ rural audience is between 25% and 50%, how does knowing that matchbacks significantly overstate true catalog performance change your approach to catalog marketing?
  2. Yet another company is going to a free shipping model.  How do your non-competitive colleagues plan on using the organic percentage to save money that can be used to fund free shipping?
  3. If the USPS went to three-day delivery, how would that impact your business model, if at all?
  4. Now that so many catalogers possess a 55+ rural audience, what does the catalog customer look like in 2016?  2021?  What is your strategy for dealing with a rapidly aging customer base?
  5. Find a catalog brand with at least $50,000,000 in annual sales who grew by more than 20% in the past year.  What non-catalog strategies enabled this business to grow?  What catalog strategies enabled this business to grow?

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