May 31, 2011

The Most Effective Booklet I've Written, To Date

The pundits are going to tell you how you should do things.

Or you can blaze your own trail.

In 2011, this booklet, Hillstrom's Catalog Marketing PhD, is responsible for nearly half of the projects I've worked on.

Publishers wouldn't touch this ... it's just 40 pages, but it shows you how to make a $100,000,000 business about $1,000,000 of additional profit, on an annual basis.  That's not too shabby, is it?

More than promoting the booklet, I'd like for you to take the lessons of the booklet with you.
  • Pundits tell me all of the time that publishing books, and especially self-publishing books, is a worthless, pointless activity that doesn't pay for itself.  Well, it does pay for itself, not in book sales, but in consulting projects.
  • Pundits tell you that "print is dead".  Well, more than half of the copies of this book have been sold via print.
  • Pundits tell you to never, ever, give away or cheaply sell all of your proprietary methodology.  Wrong!  Any of my competitors could easily implement my ideas.  They choose not to implement them.  Go figure.
These lessons apply to your business, as well.  Everybody is telling you what you must do.  Don't do it!  Chart your own course to the future.  And be willing to share a bit with others, try to help other people!

Hillstrom's Catalog Marketing PhD:

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