January 31, 2011

Hashtag Analytics: Comparison of Communities

Every community is different.

Take #measure and #analytics ... two seemingly similar communities, one focusing on Web Analytics, one focusing on ... wait for it ... analytics!!!

Look at this table, a table that reviews the segment users from each community belong to.  In the table, users had to participate in their community in the past week ... the data is then captured for the past four weeks:

Recency = 1 Week

#measure #analytics change
Tweets = 1, Past 4 Weeks 973 1,716 -743
Tweets = 2+ Past 4 Weeks 283 406 -123
Tweets = 3 of Past 4 Weeks 87 94 -7
Tweets = 4 of Past 4 Weeks, Statements 24 35 -11
Tweets = 4 of Past 4 Weeks, Neutral 22 16 6
Tweets = 4 of Past 4 Weeks, Re-Tweeted 22 10 12
Totals 1,411 2,277 -866

The difference in the communities is like night and day.

The #measure community has 68 of 1,411 users that are "highly active".

The #analytics community has 61 of 2,277 users that are "highly active".

The #analytics community is not much of a community, in reality, with 1,716 of 2,277 participants tweeting only one time.  This is a "broadcast community".

Sometimes, simple segmentation schemes help us understand the dynamics surrounding a community.  In both communities, there is a very small audience of core members producing all of the content, combined with a large population of broadcasters.  Proportionately, the #measure community has more loyal users than does the #analytics community.

Hillstrom's Hashtag Analytics:

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