December 13, 2010

Nordstrom: A Hashtag Analytics Example

Let's look at an example of Hashtag Analytics in action.

Today, we'll focus on Nordstrom, a former employer of mine, a company that many admire for their focus on customer service.

I pulled data for five recent weeks.  I used four weeks to segment users, and then I used one week to see if I could predict if there are folks out there who simply cannot help themselves by mentioning #nordstrom or Nordstrom or by re-tweeting messages from @nordstrom!

I identified 6,121 individuals who said something about #nordstrom/nordstrom/@nordstrom in my four week "pre" period.
  • 85% only issued one tweet during the four week analysis period.
  • 10% issued just two tweets during the four week analysis period.
In other words, this isn't a highly engaged audience.

Recall, I created a segment, called "Mega Participants".  These are folks who tweeted in the last week, and tweeted in 3 or 4 of the past four weeks.
  • 73 out of 6,121 participants were classified as "Mega Participants".
  • 1.2% of the audience can be called "Mega Participants".
And as one might expect, Mega Participants are likely to "engage" next week:
  • 41.1% of Mega Participants engaged the following week.
  • 3.1% of all other participants engaged the following week.
  • 3.5% of all participants engaged the following week.
Recall that I created eight "Digital Profiles" to describe Twitter community behavior.  Here's the distribution of the Nordstrom community during the four week "pre" period.
  • Shaping The Conversation:  132 participants, 19.7% re-engagement rate.
  • May Be Interested:  103 participants, 3.9% re-engagement rate.
  • Making A Statement:  503 participants, 12.7% re-engagement rate.
  • Dipping A Toe:  3,443 participants, 2.2% re-engagement rate.
  • Joining The Conversation:  694 participants, 2.5% re-engagement rate.
  • One Topic Experts:  806 participants, 2.0% re-engagement rate.
  • Spreading The Word:  111 participants, 7.2% re-engagement rate.
  • The Ignored: 329 participants, 1.8% re-engagement rate.
More than half of the audience is in the "Dipping A Toe" Digital Profile, with very low re-engagement rates in the next week.

What does a "Dipping A Toe" participant look like?  Here's one example from @amandalustbuser:
  • John Mayer is playing in Nordstrom. This is a sign. I should buy everything.
Here's another example from @alyssafrazier:
  • Having a shoe shopping black pump dilemma @nordstrom.
Regardless, the participant is truly "Dipping A Toe", the participant isn't terribly engaged.  It shouldn't be a huge surprise that more than half of the audience exhibits this type of behavior, and isn't terribly likely to tweet again in the near future.

"May Be Interested" is a more engaged Digital Profile.  Take a peek at a tweet that is somewhat representative of this audience, from a participant, and you'll see why.
  • @nordstrom always carry a mirror.  I've been to several cocktail parties where women have lipstick on their teeth.
Those who are "Shaping The Conversation" are the most likely to be engaged next week. Take a peek at a tweet that is somewhat representative of this audience, from a participant:
  • I got the @nordstrom job! I start my training for the lingerie dept on Monday.
Yup, it shouldn't be a surprise that this person was "engaged"!

It can be fun to review individual participants by Digital Profile.  Let's profile a few of the participants.

First, here's @nordstrom, the corporate presence.  During this four week stretch:
  • 25 tweets.
  • 4 statements.
  • 13 amplifications.
  • 0 conversations (responses).
  • 13 links.
  • Re-tweeted 150 times by others.
  • Answered 215 times by others.
  • Digital Profile = Spreading The Word.
Contrast that with @nordstrombeauty:
  • 19 tweets.
  • 8 statements.
  • 4 amplifications.
  • 3 conversations (responses).
  • 10 links.
  • Re-tweeted 72 times by others.
  • Answered 4 times by others.
  • Digital Profile = Shaping The Conversation.
And here is @nordstrombvue, the store manager from the Bellevue, WA store.
  • 18 tweets.
  • 6 statements.
  • 1 amplification.
  • 3 conversations (responses).
  • 6 links.
  • Re-tweeted 45 times by others.
  • Answered 14 times by others.
  • Digital Profile = Joining The Conversation
The store manager in Bellevue is more likely to re-tweet content from other folks.  The Nordstrom Beauty twitter presence is more likely to be directive, to tell the audience what to think.  The Nordstrom corporate presence is more likely to tell folks what's going on.

There are participants who are highly engaged.  There's @daliamacphee, for instance, a participant who is actively selling her merchandise, merchandise offered in Nordstrom stores.
  • 158 tweets.
  • 142 statements.
  • 1 retweet.
  • 8 amplifications.
  • 7 conversations (responses).
  • 150 links.
  • Re-tweeted 12 times by others.
  • Answered 5 times by others.
  • Digital Profile = Making A Statement
And there are folks who are in the top Digital Profile, called "Shaping The Conversation", like aka_kristin.  She tweeted her audience every time she was in a Nordstrom store, and every time she was in a unique department at Nordstrom.
  • 24 tweets.
  • 22 statements.
  • 0 amplifications.
  • 2 conversations (responses).
  • 12 links.
  • Re-tweeted 0 times by others.
  • Answered 1 times by others.
  • Digital Profile = Making A Statement

How Does This Become Actionable?

By using Digital Profiles and by identifying Mega Participants, I can predict which participants are likely to be "engaged" next week.  I simply maintain a database of all Twitter members engaged with @nordstrom, and i predict which participants are likely to be "engaged" next week. I feed my predictions back to you, the marketer, and you then tweet your message to your heart's content to the audience most likely to be engaged in the future.

In the case of Nordstrom, I identified more than 100 Twitter users who evangelize the brand.  If I were at Nordstrom, I would communicate directly to this audience, as if they were part of my e-mail marketing list (to draw a parallel).

I realize this is big-company type work, and companies like Nordstrom are probably already compiling databases of Twitter evangelists, but it is worth sharing so that you can start thinking about how you apply Twitter to your Database Marketing initiatives.

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