December 06, 2010

Hashtag Analytics: Part 8 = Digital Profiles

I'm going to spare you the geeky details behind Digital Profiles, there's a dozen or more posts on the topic on this blog.

Instead, we'll focus on the outcome of a Digital Profile project.  I looked at a four week period of time, using that data to classify each #blogchat user into one of eight Digital Profiles.  Each profile describes a subset of participants who possess similar behavior.

Here is the description of each of eight Digital Profiles.  Next, we'll analyze how each Digital Profile behaves in a future four week period of time.

Profile #1 = Shaping The Conversation:  These individuals are usually the most active within the #blogchat community.  What sets these users apart from other active participants is their preference for starting conversations.  When these folks participate, they average 9.4 tweets per week, and offer the most statements per week (3.4) of any other Digital Profile.  One might think of this audience as being the "thought leaders" of a #blogchat event.

Profile #2 = May Be Interested:  A subset of individuals who only participate in one of four events, but have the potential for being "conversationalists".  When they do participate, their questions are answered, they make statements, and they participate in conversations.

Profile #3 = Making A Statement:  These are active participants who generally don't participate in conversations.  Instead, these participants make statements, they have something to say, and they are comfortable sharing their point of view.

Profile #4 = Dipping A Toe:  This is an inactive Digital Profile.  Basically, these users issue one statement, and then disappear, they are “dipping a toe”!

Profile #5 = Joining The Conversation:
  An active Digital Profile that likes to respond to conversations.  These individuals are likely to issue re-tweets, to amplify tweets, and to respond to tweets.

Profile #6 = One Topic Experts:  This Digital Profile is unique, in that users seem to participate in only one event during the course of the month.  When they participate, they tend to respond to statements, and they are very likely to re-tweet content from others.  When you have a topic where you are the expert, you want these folks to participate, because these folks will re-tweet your messages and offer oxygen to any conversation!

Profile #7 = Spreading The Word:
  You want these folks in your #blogchat, because their sole purpose is to spread the word!  This profile represents users who are likely to re-tweet content.  These users are also likely to re-tweet content with links embedded in the tweet.

Profile #8 = The Ignored:  This is the saddest of all eight Digital Profiles.  These participants tend to issue one tweet, and most often, it is a re-tweet of content from somebody else.  Unfortunately, their re-tweet is not acknowledged, seemingly shutting down subsequent participation.

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