November 07, 2010

Dear Catalog CEOs: Martha Stewart and Quad Graphics

Dear Catalog CEOs:

Have you had a chance to purchase the Cookie App from Martha Stewart?

Give this little video a view

Now, I get your concerns.  You'll say that your catalog goes to three million buyers and prospects.  You'll say that your iPad app will be downloaded by just 249 iPad enthusiasts.

You pay attention to this stuff so that you can see where people are taking the future of e-commerce.  I purchased the app.  It's beautiful.  It's warm. The app is more similar to an old-school catalog than e-commerce.

You get an iPad and you download/buy these apps because you want to see where the future is taking us.  You don't criticize the apps because only 249 people download them.  You experiment, you test, and you see what resonates with the customer.

Even Quad Graphics has an app for the iPad, good for them!

Spend some time doing competitive research!

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