July 13, 2010

A Quick Quiz For Catalogers

If business is not performing to expectations, where do you invest the most attention, and why? Prioritize these areas in order from most important to least important.
  • Catalog performance.
  • Website performance.
  • Merchandise performance.


  1. Website then Merchandise then Catalog. Getting customers to the site is hard enough so make sure you the ones you do get buy. You should be able to understand this quickly and make changes easily. I put merchandise second because if the merchandise sucks then you lose all of your retention customers and they should be your prime target for catalog/email. Look at catalog last.

  2. Anonymous5:11 AM

    I would always put merchandise 1st because if the shop doesn't have the item I want I don't care how nice it is, I would not buy.

    Then it comes down to web vs. catalogue. And while catalogue has the bigegr impact, web has a more immediate impact on finding customers as well as converting web and catalogue customers. That would see web 2nd for me.

  3. I, too, like to evaluate merchandise first.


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