June 06, 2010

Dear Catalog CEOs: Brand Loyalty

Dear Catalog CEOs:

Twice in thirteen days members of your elite club reached out to me to communicate interesting findings. In one case, one of you stopped mailing catalogs altogether and retained 90% of your sales one year later (pure catalog brand, no retail channel). In another case, one of your staffers executed a catalog holdout group for more than nine months, and retained 90% of your sales within the holdout group (pure catalog brand, no retail channel).

It's not a bad thing when you stop mailing catalogs and sales are generated anyway. In fact, it's the very best thing that can happen. YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE BRAND LOYAL!

Do you love sending catalogs, or do you love printing money? So often, the answer is the former, not the latter.

Any business that maintains sales when advertising stops is a blessed business. Run a mail/holdout test, and see how much brand loyalty you have!

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