March 30, 2010

Point of View: Coach

When this post was written, the Coach homepage featured a zippy tune from Mandy Moore ("I Could Break Your Heart Any Day Of The Week) coupled with a brief video featuring shoes.

I've mentioned how e-commerce is likely to evolve ... becoming a hybrid of e-commerce, social, mobile, and media, with heavy emphasis on media. This is an example where media begins to become the dominant point of view.

Again, I'm not saying these strategies work or do not work. Instead, I'm asking you to think about how these strategies apply to the businesses that you manage.


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  3. In choosing a medium for your online business, it’s still best that you know the pros and cons of applying such strategies for your business. By being aware of the pros and cons of it, you can come up with a good strategic plan that can possibly boost your sales.


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