March 24, 2010

Point of View: Banana Republic

Banana Republic, a division of Gap, is also moving in different directions.

The trend, of course, is away from the static, old-school classic e-commerce experience.

For instance, give this link a click. You see the embryonic beginnings of a shopping experience that merges media and commerce, a first step away from the information technology based drill-down experience that is complemented with search. Banana Republic is offering you their point of view, complete with brief commentary from those who know more about Banana Republic than anybody else --- Banana Republic employees.

I can learn about trends, chino, and a new store concept.

Certainly, there are things in this style of merchandise and creative presentation that resonate with your business. Keep learning, watch what other folks are doing, experiment!


  1. Thanks for pointing this out - I enjoyed viewing their website. It is a nice contrast to a typical retailer's web experience.

    I'm unsure if I like the combination of brands in the global nav. I don't think of Banana Republic and Old Navy as similar, even if owned by the same parent company. I feel like the multiple tabs erode some of the branding of each.

  2. That's an opinion that can be tested, isn't it?!

  3. Interesting. I like the new way that they have set up their webpage. Looks like it will be helpful for others in the future. Thanks for tipping us off to this.


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