January 03, 2010

See Me Speak In 2010!!

The first half of 2010 brings us a lot of fun speaking opportunities, both in the US and in Europe.

If you want to join me, here's where I'll be ... and if you are in these areas and want to talk about an Online Marketing Simulation, Multichannel Forensics, or Catalog Marketing Ad Efficiency project, I'm here for you!

February 1 - 4 = Webtrends Engage, New Orleans: Have you looked at the lineup for this conference? MC Rives, Stephen Baker, Eric Rodenbeck, and a huge cast of world class speakers make this a must-see event. I'll talk about "Dynamic Customer Behavior", where we link data from different sources to gain new and interesting customer insights that are different than what one would normally find when analyzing data within one channel. We'll move this concept into "Online Marketing Simulations", a topic you are now familiar with.

April 27 - 28 = ECOM Berlin: A premiere event in Europe, I am so looking forward to this presentation! This is a great opportunity for the hundreds of you who loyally follow this blog in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, and all across Europe to hear about the future of e-commerce. By the way, don't miss Stephen Baker's (The Numerati) presentation.

May 3 - 7 = eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, San Jose: The generous Jim Sterne is giving me an opportunity to share Online Marketing Simulation topics with an eager crowd of online experts.

May 17 - 19 = The 2010 RKG Client Summit, Charlottesville: The kind folks at The Rimm-Kaufman Group invited me to join a great speaker lineup for this event. You'll get to hear Shop.org's Josh Greene, as well as Adam Audette and Lance Loveday. George Michie knows how to put on a great event! We'll talk a lot about Multichannel Forensics and the logical extension to Online Marketing Simulations.

May 20 - 21 = Vermont / New Hampshire Marketing Group, Whitefield, NH: This will be my first time at this prestigious event, a great opportunity to share thoughts about the future of catalog marketing!

I'd appreciate the opportunity to chat about marketing issues with you at any of these venues. Make your plans now!!

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