November 29, 2009

A Special Cyber Monday Opportunity Just For You!!!

Here's one for you, the loyal MineThatData reader, contact me now for more details.

Are you interested in learning more about who shopped your website on Cyber Monday or Black Friday, whether they are new customers or lapsed customers or loyal customers?

Do you want to learn whether those customers will ever shop your brand again on a day other than Cyber Monday or Black Friday?

Do you want to know how the long-term value of a Cyber Monday or Black Friday shopper compares to any other customer?

Do you want to learn more about the discount/promotional activity of Cyber Monday / Black Friday buyers, compared with buyers purchasing during the rest of the year?

Yeah, I'd want to know that information, too, if I were running a business. And I doubt your Web Analytics solution will easily provide you with these answers.

So here's a special promotion for you, the loyal MineThatData fan.

You send me your purchase transactions (one row for every item the customer ever purchased). I will answer the questions listed above for the low fee of just $2,999.

Now that's a Cyber Monday / Black Friday promotion you simply cannot refuse.

It's Cyber Monday. You're in a promotional frame of mind. Why not learn if your decisions pay off in the long-term?

Contact me now for details about the data you need to send to me!!!!

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