June 07, 2009

Your Thoughts On Gliebers Dresses?

We're two weeks into this experiment with Gliebers Dresses. Time for a few metrics, and a few thoughts.:

  • RSS readership at an article level is up at least 20% since starting the series. It is probably up far more than 20% --- I tested against a Zappos article --- anything about Zappos has historically been most popular, and we're seeing a 20% bump in readership against the Zappos article.
  • Comments are up 300% since starting the series.
  • Twitter: Re-Tweets are down about 50% since starting the case study. The Twitterati are not generally supportive of the series, though about a dozen nice folks have mentioned the series.
  • Favorites: Stories about each individual Executive Team member are clearly the most popular, followed by Executive Meetings, followed by anything that my character talks about in the case study, followed by the story about the CRM Manager.
So, it is time for your comments. Do you want to see this style of communicating Multichannel Forensics topics continued? We've got a few more weeks of content coming ... your thoughts going forward are appreciated.


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