June 30, 2009

Dell v Acer: Multichannel and Social Media Considerations

Dell is a social media darling. The Twitterati love to talk about Dell's social media strategy, and enthusiastically call out the fact that Dell has sold $3 million of merchandise on Twitter. $3 million is a good thing!

Dell is a multichannel darling, too. They spent the past few years expanding into retail, leaving their direct-to-consumer and direct-to-business roots behind to align with Best Buy, Staples, and Wal-Mart. Direct + Retail is a long-established multichannel marketing gold standard.

Dell takes full advantage of customization and personalization, all good for the customer!

Dell is doing what leading marketing experts tell companies they should do, in order to be successful.

Then there is Acer. They don't leverage Social Media, they don't follow leading Multichannel Marketing strategies, and they don't offer the Customization that Dell offers.

So how is it that Acer is poised to pass Dell later this year for the #2 computer maker spot?

Use the comments section to explain this unique outcome.


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