February 21, 2009

Big Mistake

I'm absolutely obsessed about auditing database marketing results. I once told my circulation team at Nordstrom that I would outsource every single job in the department if we didn't get better at auditing our results. You better believe accuracy improved.

So last week I am in a conference call with a client. At one point, they are praising my efforts. My head is swelling! I truly am the greatest Database Marketer of all time.

And then the owner chimes in. "By the way, Kevin, you spelled the name of my company incorrectly throughout the entire document".

The sound you heard all across the Pacific Northwest was the sound of air rushing from my skull. My giant ego had just been popped.

The folks at this company were appreciative and forgiving. But that doesn't excuse the mistake.

Audit everything. Have somebody else audit everything!

Channels Influence What Sells

I know, I know, you are supposed to offer the same merchandise in every channel and create a frictionless omnichannel customer experience ....