January 14, 2009

What Kind Of Data Would I Need For The Competitive Co-Op Multichannel Forensics Analysis?

Ok folks, here's what you need to tell your co-op to send to me, if you are interested in understanding the impact your competitive set has on your business.

Data Requirement: A .csv file with two years of summarized purchase activity.
  • Column A = Anonymous Customer Identification Number
  • Column B = Year (2007 or 2008, for example).
  • Column C = Description of competitive-set, or your business.
  • Column D = Annual Demand.
Here's what a sample dataset might look like:

Customer Year Company Demand
1 2007
Your Brand 200
1 2008
Your Brand 50
1 2007
Competitor Set 1 800
1 2007
Competitor Set 2 300
1 2008
Competitor Set 2 500
2 2008
Your Brand 200
2 2008
Competitor Set 1 500

With this information, a three-channel Multichannel Forensics analysis will tell you:
  • How the loyalty of your business is impacted by changes in customer behavior at competitors.
  • Where new customers come from.
  • The impact your business has on competitors.
  • The long-term trajectory of your business, compared with your competitors.
  • The impact customer acquisition has on your business and competitors, as well as customer loyalty / retention.
See if your co-op provider will provide you with this analysis. If they won't do that, see if they are willing to send anonymous data to me. If they won't do that, ask them why they won't help you!!!!

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