January 31, 2009

Answer The Poll Question!

This month's poll question, found on the right-hand sidebar of the homepage, asks what three things a CEO should focus on.

So far, the choice of "Brand Building" is a surprising answer, given the quantitative nature of this audience.

What would you suggest are brand building activities that a CEO could engage in, activities that you feel would demonstrate a positive ROI?


  1. Technically speaking, this question only has one answer:

    - Growth
    - Efficiency
    - Capital optimization

    That's it. That's the answer. Mathematically, those are the only three drivers of ROE%.

    Did I win anything? How about a copy of your book??

    Harry Joiner

  2. When you read the newsletters, trade journals, articles from bloggers, and micro-blogging comments on Twitter, you don't see those three things. So they must be wrong.

    If I see you at a conference sometime, you can have an autographed copy of a book.


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