December 05, 2008


I'd guess that most of you haven't been to Medford, or haven't taken that curvy two lane highway down to Crescent City.

Southern Oregon is catalog country, as illustrated by Zip Code Forensics. You're looking at dial-up internet access, folks. The only "tweets" you hear are from birds.

Social media pundits struggle here, don't they? --- the average person isn't carrying a 3G phone with fancy apps. The social media pundit would dismiss this person as being a technophobe ... even though the 3G network doesn't reach all people in this area ... in fact, the old-school network doesn't reach all residents in Southern Oregon.

Retailers can be snobby, too. You won't find $30,000 gifts from Neiman Marcus in any shopping center in Ashland. But they do sell a lot of t-shirts at the sprint car races in Medford.

You're a marketer, or you wouldn't be reading this. What is your strategy for the customer living in Southern Oregon? Or, do you just disregard this customer? Or do you treat this customer the same as you treat the customer living in Manhattan?

Your choice.

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