December 03, 2008

A Contrarian

I'm guessing that many of you read this blog, in part, because you don't believe everything the multichannel pundits tell you.

If true, then go visit (or view the video here) the Church of the Customer blog, and watch this compilation video about Peter Schiff, talking about the economy imploding two year ago. Listen to the pundits who are on panel discussions with him, as they openly laugh at and mock him. Any of us who question conventional wisdom (multichannel customers are the best customers ... you must mail catalogs or you lose 85% of your business) have heard the laughter.

If you have the facts, and the facts are contrary to how the industry experts think the world works, hang in there. Your facts are greater than the opinions of others.

Kudos to the Church of the Customer blog for publishing the video (more than 761,000 views).

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