December 26, 2008

8 Posts Getting The Most Comments During 2008

The social media punditocracy might suggest that this forum is an epic failure, because this forum does not facilitate interaction.

In other words, most blogs have an active community of individuals who leave comments.

I learned something different.

If I write articles that make you money, you don't comment. These articles are very popular, but are not "interactive".

If I write articles that facilitate conversation, I don't add to your bottom-line.

I'd rather focus on your bottom-line.

Here are the top eight articles that received the most comments during 2008.

An Open Letter To The Web Analytics Community, 14 Comments.
E-Mail Marketing Gurus: Your Thoughts On Williams Sonoma, 11 Comments.
Catalog Choice, You Decide What Gets In, Except When They Market To You, 10 Comments.
E-Mail Marketing, Fixed And Variable Costs, 9 Comments.
Ann Curry And The Today Show Feature The Cute Kids Canceling Catalogs, 9 Comments.
DMA Enhances Product To Compete With Catalog Choice, 9 Comments.
Cost Per New Customer, 8 Comments.
An Open Letter To The Catalog Co-Ops, 8 Comments.

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