November 07, 2008

The Hologram Marketing Channel

I recall writing an essay in 2004 about how online marketers would appear to be in the "stone ages" when compared with the hologram marketers of 2015. I even wrote a few things on the topic last year. We can envision the comments ... "customers who shop via both the e-commerce and hologram channel are worth six times as much as customers who only shop via the e-commerce channel or the hologram channel".

Now the heavy hitters are talking about Hologram Marketing, following CNN's surreal and sometimes creepy presentation of holograms during Tuesday's evening's election coverage.

Could there be anything more enjoyable than a hologram from a leading retail brand suddenly appearing in your bedroom, saying the following ...

"Kevin, customers who recently purchased a high definition television also purchased HDMI cables ... I am willing to offer you free shipping and twenty percent off if you take advantage of my offer in the next half hour ... I'll stand here and wait for you to make your decision ... your pillow cases are really nice, would you like for me to find a promotional code from Cuddeldown of Maine for your next pillowcase purchase? ... Wait, before you opt out of hologram marketing, would you like for me to reduce my appearance frequency? ... Wait, we value you as a customer, would you consider opting back in to hologram marketing if we gave you up to sixty percent off of any future HDMI cable purchase? ... ok, I'm sorry, I am leaving your bedroom forever. Now, I introduce Harry the Hologram, who has an offer from our sister company".

Channels like Hologram Marketing are coming, not tomorrow, not in 2011. But they are coming. And we CAN avoid what I described in the paragraph above.

Here's a clip of the video from Tuesday evening, courtesy of YouTube.

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