November 08, 2008

An E-Commerce Hotbed: Washington, D.C.

Suburban and Exurban Washington, D.C. is an e-commerce hotbed.

The dark green colors on the map illustrate a segment called "Online Bliss", customers who love e-commerce, customers who spend almost double the national average, per-capita.

In a down market, these are customers you want to rely upon!!

This market illustrates classic patterns --- with weak performance in urban areas, strong e-commerce performance in suburban and exurban areas, and strong traditional direct marketing performance (catalog) in exurban and rural areas.

All of this information can be available to you, for free! FREE!

Hillstrom's Zip Code Forensics is free to brands who contribute anonymous, annual sales at a zip code level by physical channel (phone, online, retail). Show me a list of vendors who are willing to help out, for free?

Hillstrom's Zip Code Forensics costs $5,000 per year for folks who want access to the segments, but are not willing to contribute anonymous, annual sales data.

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