October 24, 2008

Catalog Industry Trade Journal Bloggers Don't LIke Us Either

More grumbling about catalogs from a blog hosted by a trade journal that used to be called Catalog Age --- the same trade journal that now co-sponsors what was formally known as the Catalog Conference.

I'm still on your side :)

It is so easy for all of us to pick on companies. Try running a marketing department at a big company someday --- seriously, if everybody in the world is so good at pointing out all the flaws at big companies, then have the courage to go fix those problems at big companies. Or go work at a catalog brand and evangelize your message about the waste of this style of advertising --- prove that your commentary matters.

We all (me too) need to stop flapping our gums about how flawed everybody is, and actually go out there and solve some problems for once, or start our own company, one that is perfect in every way.

Addition Four Hours Later: Ok, I re-read this, and it is grumpy and preachy. Folks are 100% allowed to have their opinion, and they are under no obligation to prefer various types of marketing, regardless of the company they work for.

It is just way too easy to preach these days, way too easy to be right. It is so much harder to make things happen within a company than it is to point out flaws from outside of a company. I do this, too, I'm guilty.

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