October 06, 2008

Hillstrom's Contact Strategy Optimization On A Budget

Hillstrom's Contact Strategy Optimization On A Budget is a new e-book and spreadsheet available from the MineThatData Store at Lulu.com.

Contact Strategy Optimization is not a new concept. During my time at Lands' End in the early 1990s, we worked with a team of IBM researchers on an optimization solution that formed the embryonic version of the solutions offered by Decision Intelligence.

During the past two weeks, many of you told me that you don't want to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on black box algorithmic solutions that optimize the number of catalog contacts to various customer segments. That being said, you told me you want a solution ... one that can be implemented by Business Leaders, Analysts, and Managers ... one that can be implemented on a budget.

So I wrote this e-book, outlining a reasonably simple approach to identifying the most profitable combination of catalog mailings and e-mail marketing messages to different customer segments.

What Do You Get, What Will You Learn?
  • You'll learn that matchback algorithms over-state the importance of catalog marketing, causing us to mail too many catalogs to our customers.
  • You'll learn that the "organic percentage" is the most important metric to understand when considering an appropriate contact strategy.
  • You'll learn that contact strategy testing is critical to understanding multichannel customer behavior.
  • You'll learn how cannibalization between catalog mailings and e-mail marketing messages directly influence a profitable contact strategy.
  • You'll apply versions of the "square root rule", identifying profitable strategies.
  • You'll receive access to a URL where you can download a spreadsheet that allows you to play "what if" games using your own assumptions and your own customer segment performance.
This is not meant to be an elegant or mathematically perfect solution. This e-book and spreadsheet are written for you, the Executive or Analyst who has to come up with solutions on a limited budget.

Do you not have a quarter of a million dollars to spend on an optimization solution, but have access to $79? If so, purchase "Hillstrom's Contact Strategy Optimization On A Budget"! For those of you who criticize me for giving away too much information, you'll be happy, because the contents of this e-book will not be made available on this blog.

$79 is a fair price, considering you'll be given tools that could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of annual profit, don't you think?

So visit the MineThatData Store on Lulu.com, and download this e-book for the nominal fee of $79.

Support independent publishing: buy this e-book on Lulu.

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